Defeating Hypocrisy And Eradicating Corruption Essay

Defeating Hypocrisy And Eradicating Corruption Essay

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Defeating Hypocrisy and Eradicating Corruption
The absolute power of aristocracies is a scourge on society that corrupts minds and imposes too much of an impact on the lives of the majority. At the time when Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible, society was subject to McCarthyism, the unquestionable authoritative force that could and did ruin the lives of those suspected of communism. Yet, of these people who suffered the brunt of punishment from authority, a numerous percentage of them displayed hypocrisy in accusing others out of survival. In The Crucible, Miller reflects this idea of hypocrisy in an environment where unquestionable authority reigns. His work displays the essentiality in rising out of such an insincere state and acting upon what is right, even if it means rebelling against absolute authority. Today, alternative energy supporters shoulder hypocrisy with their inability to force change because of the absolute power of the authoritative force of fossil fuel companies. This calls for a necessary increase in action in rebelling against corrupt authority in American society today so there is freedom in choosing the most viable energy source for America’s future.
Hypocrisy runs high in American society as alternative energy supporters are forced to use fossil fuels out of necessity. The monopoly on energy that oil and gas corporations operate creates an environment where renewable energy proponents must use nonrenewable energy in their daily lives, including the use of gas for cars and the burning of oil for heat and electricity. In The Crucible, John Proctor reflects upon his own dilemma, not unlike this one, stating, “You would not; if tongs of fire were singeing you you would not! It is evil. Good, then - it is evil, a...

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...t corrupt power and create change if they rise out of hypocrisy and act. Alternative energy supporters must realize this if they are to overthrow the aristocracy of fossil fuel companies.
Corrupt authority will continue to act in its own interests unless there is action taken against it in full force. Arthur Miller illustrates the impact that unquestionable authority can have on individuals and groups in society if nobody questions it. Yet, once individuals begin to realize the folly in not acting in favor of what they believe is right and actually begin to fight for their cause, positive change in society will happen. Proponents of alternative energy must understand that by committing to the fight against fossil fuel companies, they can effectively grant their own wishes. Once action has been taken, the aristocratic plague that society faces now will be eradicated.

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