Deer Overpopulation Is A Problem Essay

Deer Overpopulation Is A Problem Essay

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Deer overpopulation is a controversial topic. Some believe that deer overpopulation is not a real problem. Some may also believe the high numbers that studies show, is a scheme to give hunters an excuse to hunt without reason. The truth is that deer overpopulation is a true issue. Deer, especially the eastern whitetail deer population in these modern times, is out of control. “There are an estimated 30 million whitetail deer in the United States today. Under optimal conditions, whitetail deer populations will double every two years”(Rooney). As the numbers of whitetail deer rise, the land for them to live on decreases. This may lead to deer walking on roads and causing accidents.
A study showed that it was estimated that 1.23 million deer-vehicle collisions occurred between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 (Insurance Journal). In that small time frame, those accidents cost more than 4 million dollars. During mating and migration season, those numbers rise. One could tell from experience that deer collisions are very dangerous not only for the driver, but for the deer as well. Overpopulation does not only affect humans and put a greater risk of getting in a vehicular wreck caused by a deer running out in the highways and interstates, but it has tremendous effect on environmental conditions. When the overpopulated wildlife are herbivores it creates a major issue and creates limited resources for food. This also does not help when humans also need vegetation to survive.
With whitetail deer overpopulation the deer begin to eat away future forests. “The animals are reducing the number of trees and seedlings and affecting which species will survive, forestry experts say” (NBC news). A wildlife professor estimated that deer cause at l...

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... more iron, niacin, vitamin B6, and riboflavin than beef. Overall humans benefit from deer meat.
In conclusion, when there are too many whitetail deer they cause more issues than not. If the solutions for overpopulation are implemented on a broader scale, the damage that overpopulated deer create would cease to exist. The issue of overpopulation of deer is a true and serious problem. Not all solutions are equal or as effective as the other, but when put together the deer can have a population that is at a normal and easy to manage rate. If the deer population lowers to a normal rate not only will the environment benefit but humans will benefit as well. The roads would become safer during mating and migration season, farmers will be able to grow crops without as many issues, and the environment will be able to grow new forests, and vegetation for future generations.

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