Essay about The Deeper Meanings that Lies in Fairy Tales

Essay about The Deeper Meanings that Lies in Fairy Tales

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"Once upon a time," the most used introduction phrase in common fairy tales used to start an adventure. These adventures have been around for years. The importance of some tales might be more significant than others, also based on culture. My goal for this paper is to educate my readers with the importance of fairy tales, especially for younger children. Fairy tales have been around for centuries from generations to generations. Different cultures, such as the Japanese and Western, have also expressed them differently. All these fairly tales teach children different aspects of life, which make these tales so important.
Fairy tales, being such a broad topic, and having so many different opinions I broke my paper into different parts that would separately discuss a topic chosen of fairy tales. My first section has to deal with an article online by Lauren Surval, who discusses the hidden meaning in children's fairy tales. The second idea is by Carrie Hughes, who discusses the deeper meanings that lie in fairy tales. Following with my third section by Donald Hasse, stating that fairy tales are symbolic expressions of the human mind and emotional experience. My next source is by both Kayla Kenney and Melanie Wagner, who state that fairy tales are very important for a child's imagination and creativity. Following with my last source by an online anonymous stating Japanese fairy tales focus more on the psychological rather than the physical. Most of the ideas are the same because they all fall into the category of the psychological aspect of fairy tales. There is one topic that is actually different and that is the Japanese and Western comparison of the two.
According to Lauren Suval, classic fairy tales are actually not as child-like...

... middle of paper ...

...n updated and familiar is important. The significance of these tales travel with them through childhood to adulthood, teaching them lifelong circumstances for the real world.

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