Deeper Meaning In A Wrinkle in Time Essay

Deeper Meaning In A Wrinkle in Time Essay

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A Wrinkle in Time lives on to be a timeless classic suspense novel for young adults today. Although school curriculums berate it for L'Engle's afflictions with Christian theology; which are especially prominent in this novel, her emotional family values, and ethical responsibilities stand out for a bigger impact on the reader. Madeleine L'Engle writes with a style that makes the reader ponder her use behind objects, characters, and dialogue. Her subjective symbolism puts a more meaningful reason to her story, and can discovered throughout the entire plot. Examples of symbolism surface through physical objects such as Mrs. Who's spectacles, to emotional feelings of love and hate, and even to general themes brought about of light triumphing darkness. All of the literary placement of symbolism tie together in L'Engle's effectiveness of bringing a greater message to the reader.
Mrs. Who gives Meg her spectacles as her power to use in desperation against the evil powers of IT on the planet of Camazotz. The reader, and even Meg, are puzzled as to what they must represent or be used for, but their explanation comes soon enough. When Meg uses them as a last resort to save her father from imprisonment, she is able to see everything in the dark room that Mr. Murry could not see at all. What they represent is the clear thinking familiarized by perception of the world. One reason Mr. Murry can't fight IT while imprisoned in his column is because of his inability to see what's around him. Putting the glasses on, he can better understand the world, and take Meg to safety. Meg realized they are needed to see more fully and takes them off to see. "...she shoved Mrs. Who's glasses down her nose.., and immediately she was in complete and utter d...

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...of light overcoming darkness and good winning over evil are religious symbolism based on L'Engle's own understanding of Christianity.
Madeline L'Engle has over 35 suspense thrilling books that are wonderful to take apart for meaning. Although she blends science fantasy with theology, which may appoint sources of argument, A Wrinkle in Time, needs to break past the prejudgments and prove itself as a viable study. Delving past the physical objects, emotional feelings, and general themes of the story, are sources of important symbolism that are useful to bring forth the greater message.

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