Deep Vein Thrombosis On The Health Setting Can Be Reduced Through Appropriate Interventions

Deep Vein Thrombosis On The Health Setting Can Be Reduced Through Appropriate Interventions

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Deep vein thrombosis in the healthcare setting can be reduced through appropriate interventions. A deep vein thrombosis can result in an emboli and ultimately lead to a pulmonary embolism. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), “The precise number of people affected by DVT/PE is unknown, although as many as 900,000 people could be affected (1 to 2 per 1,000) each year in the United States.” “Pulmonary embolism resulting from deep vein thrombosis—collectively referred to as venous thromboembolism—is the most common preventable cause of hospital death” (Maynard, 2015). For this reason the Surgeon General has called to action to prevent deep thrombosis.
There’re many different known risk factors associated with the deep vein thrombosis; admission to the hospital and surgery are among these factors. This disorder affects all genders, races, and all age groups. Although some are at higher risk that others. These prophylactic interventions can include pharmacologic and or mechanical mediations. Maynard (2015) states that, “Thromboprophylaxis for at-risk inpatients can reduce VTE by 30 to 65 percent, has a low incidence of major bleeding complications, and has well-documented cost-effectiveness.”
This research paper is going to focus on a mechanical intervention termed a pneumatic sequential compression device. “It is hypothesized that IPCDs (intermittent pneumatic compression devices) prevent DVT formation through 2 mechanisms, namely, by decreasing venous stasis and activating fibrinolysis” (Pavon et al, 2016). The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy of the use of a pneumatic compression device compared to non-use. The importance of this study is to ensure that the healthcare system is utili...

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...evice has been discontinued the positive effects no longer are seen.
These past studies demonstrate a need for this new research. The weakness found throughout past studies is compliance with the proper placement and fitting of the pneumatic compression device. With improper placement the device is unable to work effectively. The studies did not specify the amount of time the device was used during a patient hospitalization. Some studies failed to mention whether the deep vein thrombosis developed during the hospitalization versus before the patient was admitted to hospital. Therefore, patients that are higher risk need to be appropriately screened for deep vein thrombosis upon admission to the hospital. Current studies also fails to determine whether certain mechanical prophylactic devices are more effective with certain age groups, genders, races and ethnicities.

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