Dedication and Success without Special Senses Essay example

Dedication and Success without Special Senses Essay example

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Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. At two years of age she became ill. This illness made her blind, deaf, and mute. Even with these physical disabilities, she accomplished a lifetime of success with her unwavering dedication and courage. With this dedication, she received honors for her accomplishments ( ). Throughout her life, she influenced others with her inspiring words, made advancements in women suffrage, and made blindness a more recognized disease. Researching Helen Keller’s life, she has shown to be an influential factor to others and showed that through dedication and hard work, one can achieve what they want.
Being blind and deaf at a young age, Helen Keller was faced with an adverse situation which she was not prepared for. Helen Keller was one of four children of Arthur H. Keller and Katherine Adams Keller. Her siblings consisted of a younger sister and two older stepbrothers ( ). During the time of Helen’s birth her family was not prosperous in terms of money. Tuscumbia, Alabama, where Helen was raised, was a city that thrived on agriculture and industrial means ( ). Around the time Keller was born important U.S. historical events occurred. In 1881 Sitting Bull surrendered, President James Garfield was assassinated, the interstate commerce act was signed, and the first gasoline powered car was invented ( ). Keller, born in 1880, had her sense of hearing and sight until she came down with a high temperature fever in 1882. This high fever took her senses of sight and hearing away. Since she was young when she lost her sense of hearing, she did not learn how to speak. The illness that she contracted, which caused the fever, is unknown, but was believed to be scarlet fever or menin...

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...Macy. Even without Helen’s inspirational speeches or social activism spirit, her recovery from a disabling fever should make us feel as there is always a way to carry on. If you put enough effort into something it will work out in the end.

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