Deculturalization and the struggle for equality Essay

Deculturalization and the struggle for equality Essay

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African Americans-
Throughout American and World history we can see that dozens of cultures and people have gone through the process of deculturalization. Deculturalization is defined as the stripping away of one’s culture. Culture is defined by a group of people from a particular area with alike social behaviors. The process of deculturalization is to make it where a person’s lifestyle doesn’t involve their culture, beliefs, values, and norms of their well-known society. Deculturalization removes one culture from a group of people and gives them another culture.

African American history plays a huge role in history today. From decades of research we can see the process that this culture went through and how they were depressed and deculturalized. In school, we take the time to learn about African American History but, we fail to see the aspects that African Americans had to overcome to be where they are today. We also fail to view life in their shoes and fundamentally understand the hardships and processes that they went through. African Americans were treated so terribly and poor in the last century and, they still are today. As a subordinate race to the American White race, African Americans were not treated equal, fair, human, or right under any circumstances. Being in the subordinate position African Americans are controlled by the higher white group in everything that they do.

Decades of research has shown us that African Americans have been depressed for hundreds of years. Although the Declaration of Independence states “All men are created equal,” that rule did not apply to African Americans. By the end of the Civil War more than 180,000 black soldiers were in the United States Military. After the Civil War, many Africa...

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