Essay about Decriminalizing Hards Drugs Would Put Individuals at Risk

Essay about Decriminalizing Hards Drugs Would Put Individuals at Risk

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Drugs can cause an individual to lose control of them and become addicted, “Pied Piper of Hamelin, whose music stole all the children of the town away from their parents and into a mountain, never to return” (“Drugs and the Law”). His music being the drug controlled the children and they could not do anything. Many people mostly teenage boys and girls are starting to use them and they are becoming addicted to them and endangering themselves. Hard drugs should be treated more as a criminal problem rather than a medical problem. By decriminalizing the drugs the individual’s physical and psychological health would be at risk. The hard drug users would endanger the society and family. Lastly a drug control strategy should be imposed in order to help maintain a better place for us to live in.

By using hard drugs the user can damage his body both physically and psychologically.
Many drugs are different from one another and thus have different affects on the user’s body. The user taking a drug known as cocaine would experience memory loss, increase risk of heart
attacks, loss of weight, and by sniffing this drug the user’s nasal passage would be damaged( “Illegal Drugs”). Another hard drug known as codeine can affect the body physically such as the user will experience euphoria, itching, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and constipation (“Illegal Drugs”). The two hard drugs cocaine and codeine which are one of the top hard drugs can cause
many sorts of damages to the user’s body in this case the physical health. These are only the physical effects of these hard drugs. The psychological problems from the use of hard drugs can influence an individual’s thinking and emotions. Using cocaine and amphetamines can result in depression, ir...

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supporting drug treatment, support research into the development of medications in order to
prevent drug abuse. By supporting this the health and social costs would reduce. Goal four
recommends ways to stop the flow of drugs(“Illegal Drugs”). This is done by disrupting the
illegal drug trades. By doing so there would be less drug abuse and certain areas would become
safer. Lastly goal five suggests how the US can reduce or eliminate drug trades (“Illegal Drugs”).
This is done by reducing the resources of drugs such as coca, opium, support and promote
international policies and laws and disrupt major international drug trafficking. With these five
main goals being reached there would be a decrease in the number of drug users. These five
goals will try to eliminate as much troubles and try to maintain a better society for us and
up coming generations.

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