Essay on Decriminalization And Regulation Of The Sex Trade

Essay on Decriminalization And Regulation Of The Sex Trade

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This study will define the continued decriminalization and regulation of the sex trade in Canada and in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has historically had a progressive policy in the non-criminalization of the sex trade workers, but recently, the official regulation of laws protecting worker’s rights in the sex trade has been established. In a similar way, Canada also possessed a non-criminalized history of prostitution, which has become increasingly progressive in regulating labor rights in this commercial sector. The process of commercial recognition of the rights of sex trade workers defines why the Netherlands provides a more stable and regulated sex trade. However, the increased levels of youth prostitution in the Netherlands define some of the weakness of the regulation in recent times. These are some of the similar and differing methods of sex trade regulation, which illustrate the necessity of increased decriminalization processes to better protect women that work voluntarily in the sex trade. More so, the regulation of this industry should continue to prosecute and arrest examples of forced prostitution in both of these countries. In essence, a comparison and contrast analysis of the process of the continuing decriminalization and regulation of the sex trade in order to better understand the labor rights of voluntary prostitutes in Canada and in the Netherlands.

(675)Decriminalizing and Regulating the Sex Trade in Canada and the Netherlands

In the Netherlands the longstanding process of decriminalization has been a historical process in the protection of prostitutes inn a commercial trade. In this context, the growth of a regulated sex trade industry has set a standard for other European nations, su...

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...therlands grew, the number of children in prostitution increased by eleven thousand (Elrod 972).
The issue of child prostitution defines a major reason why the regulation of the sex trade must be enforced. Involuntary sex work is a major problem at the international levels, which defines why the black market appeal of the sex trade is a more dominant moral and ethical issue in terms of law enforcement and protecting the rights of unwilling participants of prostitution. Carver et al (1998) define the improving track record of criminality of the sex trade in the Netherlands as a role model for the rest of the world (145). Certainly, the Netherlands defines a powerful example of the legal protection of voluntary sex workers, but there is much work to be done on the regulation of non-voluntary sex workers that victims of under-age child exploitation in the sex industry.

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