Essay about Decreasing Equality in a Growing Free Nation

Essay about Decreasing Equality in a Growing Free Nation

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The year is 1607 and the first European-Americans have just created the first English settlement in the new world (I think they should be capitals). Jamestown will become the foundation for the greatest country in the world. Through the American Revolution, Americans created this magnificent country on the belief of freedom and equality. Fast-forwarding to a few centuries later, we can see a country tearing itself apart on a subject of slavery. The year now is 1877, (insert comma) and the country has just seen its bloodiest battle to date. How is this possible, how can a “Free” nation fight over the belief of slavery and inequality? Before the start of the American Revolution, most of the colonies did not focus on the term equality. However, after the revolution women and slave abolitionists started pressuring both state and the federal governments for equality on the basis of John Locke’s belief, “that all men are created equal.” Essentially we believe that in America everyone is create equal, but from 1600 to 1877 only specific groups of people were economical, socially, and politically equal while others become less equal over time. In this essay I will be looking at society in general to explain how the American Revolution affected the economic class structure, social gender and race equalities, and the political equalities. The most efficient way to understand how equality affected each individual in a different way, is split, political, social, and economical inequalities into three separate groups. This will determine which groups became more equal from 1600-1877 and which groups became less equal. WORKKKKKKKK
Women after the revolution generally lost their social and economic equalities, while slaves generally gained t...

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...s, “shopkeepers, shoemakers, carpenter, tailors, barbers, cooks, and bakers” (Yazawa 271). By the eve of the civil war, free blacks had established themselves as part of society in the north. Some blacks like Fredrick Douglas could read and write and become civil people amongst churches, neighborhoods, and the workforce. Slaves had generally started out being completely inferior to whites in the late 17th century; however, with the impending civil war slaves moved toward a more equal economic status in America. Much like economic status, the blacks also became more politically equal by 1877 because of the civil war and freedom abolitionists.
Although some blacks were able to buy their freedom and live amongst the middle class in the north, the majority of blacks were still enslaved and had no political freedom. In early 1640’s, as slavery started to gain popularity

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