Decreasing Drop Out Rates Essay

Decreasing Drop Out Rates Essay

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Decreasing the Drop-Outs (draft)
Students dropping out from school are among one of the larger problems faced in the country. It is a serious problem that is often ignored by the schools and districts, and can offer even simple solutions to keep kids in the classroom. From the personal view of a normal student, school is stressful—but it’s supposed to be a challenge. It’s practically divided into few categories: kids who strive to learn and be successful and kids who don’t wish to have anything to do with school. It doesn’t make them bad kids, or even bad students. Drop-outs report that some of the main reasons they drop out of school is not seeing value in the work they do. Almost half of them said the classes were not interesting, and were bored of their work, and say it’s among the main reasons students would stop attending classes (Furger “How to End the Dropout Crisis”). Expectations also tend to run high for students by their teachers. Regular students in school also debate to themselves to make the decision of dropping out from time to time, from the stress levels of piling assignments. Larger high schools also can be difficult for students who attend, which gives them less one-on-one attention from teachers. Immigrants even, have a much more increased chance of dropping out from school from the transition of moving from one country to another. Teachers playing a roll and becoming more helpful and understanding of trouble students have outside of school, such as connecting and being open with their students, could make the largest difference. Schools should provide programs for tutoring, mentoring, and counseling for kids to have for and outside to help them survive through school (Smink, “A Proven Solution for Dropout Pr...

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...d completing school should be one of them.

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