The Decrease of Sharks and Its Effects Essay

The Decrease of Sharks and Its Effects Essay

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The Decrease of Sharks and Its Effects
The more the better--- so true. If only people believed this worked for sharks. Ever since you’ve
been a child, you’ve been told that sharks are impregnable. Not true. Sharks don’t like to attack unless
they are forced to. Movies and other media, like Jaws, make us think sharks are monstrous killing
machines. Actually, sharks are helpful. They keep the ocean in order, not letting the balance fall. At the
head of the food chain, sharks are the strongest, most ferocious creatures in the ocean. But they are
being hunted down by something even smarter and more ferocious than them. They don’t have fangs or
claws. They don’t even live in the sea. They are the humans.

Over the past 10 years, an average 100 million sharks have been killed every year (Tarshis 6). On
any given day, thousands of fishing boats are out on the ocean, prowling the seas. Many trail strong,
wire fishing lines hundreds of feet long and studded with as many as 1,500 hooks baited with raw meat
(Tarshis 7). Why are we killing them? Humans have been hunting sharks for thousands of years. The
Native Americans kept the teeth of tiger and bull sharks like trophies. Many Americans depend on oil
from sharks’ livers to waterproof their ships. But until the 1990’s, sharks weren’t hunted in such
staggeringly large numbers. Shark finning--- chopping off the fins and discarding the rest--- is increasing
worldwide to satisfy the demand of shark-fin soup (Verlecar et al. 1). A delicacy in China, a single bowl
can cost up to $300. A watery broth filled with stringy stands of shark fin, the soup is not known for its
taste (Tarshis 7). Rather, if you serve it at a royal occasion, you are known as wealthy and powerful.
Nowadays, m...

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... tools, and much more. Since sharks
are so useful to us, let’s be kind to them in return.

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