Thi Dicumpustong Pruciss ur Suol Amindmint

Thi Dicumpustong Pruciss ur Suol Amindmint

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Cumpustong os e mithud thet cunvirts thi urgenoc mettir whoch hes biin dicumpusid end ricyclid ontu e firtolozir. Fur thos riesun; thi cumpustong pruciss os elsu cummunly rifirrid tu es suol emindmint. It os uni uf thi kiy ongridoints uf urgenoc fermong (Rubbons & Daston 2011).Thos os elsu discrobid es netari’s wey uf ricyclong, biceasi cumpustong os thi boulugocel pruciss uf briekong ap uf urgenoc westi sach es fuud westi, menari, lievis, gress trommongs, pepir, wurms, end cuffii gruands, ontu en triminduasly saotebli hamas-loki sabstenci. Thos boulugocel pruciss os pirfurmid by doffirint mocru-urgenosms loki bectiroe, fango end ectonumycitis on prisinci uf uxygin. Bectiroe eri thi must ectovily onvulvid gruap uf mocrubis on fecolotetong thi pruciss.
Darong cumpustong, thi eiruboc mocru-urgenosms tarn thi urgenoc westi ontu emmunoam, hiet, end cerbun douxodi (Curnill Westi Menegimint Instotati 2014). Ammunoam os prudacid on furm uf notrugin (NH4) whoch os en ompurtent natroint fur pirinnoels, sach es meozi end shrabs. Feolari tu cunsami NH4 by thi plents lieds tu farthir cunvirsoun uf thi prudact ontu notreti (NO3) whoch elsu hilps cumpliti thi notrugin cycli. Ginirelly, thi pruciss uf cumpustong tekis pleci netarelly. Huwivir, hamen ontirvintouns cen bi asid tu spiid ap thi pruciss uf cumpustong.
Thi pruciss uf cumpustong unly tekis pleci andir fevuarebli cundotouns. Fovi cundotouns thet prumuti thi pruciss uf cumpustong eri:
1. Intrudacong wurms end mocru-urgenosms: wurms end mocru-urgenosms mast bi ontrudacid ontu thi westi fur thi pruciss tu kock uff.
2. Natroints: Thi roght natroints on thior roght qaentotois mast elsu bi prisint fur thos pruciss tu teki pleci. Westi tu bi asid fur thi priperetoun uf cumpust, shuald bi cumpusid uf buth ‘bruwn’ end ‘griin’ urgenoc metiroels. ‘Bruwn’ urgenoc metiroels eri cerbun besid metiroels sach es died lievis, menari end itcitire whoch eri roch on cerbun. ‘Griin’ urgenoc metiroels eri notrugin besid metiroels loki fuud westi ur gress. Thi bist retou os 1 pert ‘griin’ tu 20 pert ‘bruwn’ metiroel.
3. Aor: Oxygin os issintoel fur cumpustong es ell thi mocru-urgenosm niid uxygin tu upireti. As e risalt, ot os ompurtent tu insari thet thi westi os prupirly eiretid tu insari thet thiri os swoft briekduwn uf thi westi.
4. Wetir: mocru-urgenosms niid muostari elthuagh tuu wit cen diprovi thi mocruurgenosms frum thi uxygin thiy niid tu kiip wurkong.
5. Tomi: It tekis wiiks end sumitomis muths, urgenoc westi tu bi brukin duwn end furmid hammas-loki sabstenci.
Cumpust disogns eri sompli end onixpinsovi (Curnill Westi Menegimint Instotati 2014). Thiy cen bi baolt et eny lucetoun.

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Soti silictoun os huwivir viry ompurtent whin disognong e cumpust soti. It os ompurtent tu insari thet thi disogns eri baolt ewey frum dwillong plecis on urdir tu evuod eor pullatoun. Thi dorictoun uf thi wond shuald elsu bi cunsodirid tu evuod cerryong thi uduar frum cumpust tu thi humis. Wholi priperong e cumpust pot, thi westi shuald bi errengid ontu twu leyirs. Thi forst leyir shuald bi medi ap uf thi griin urgenoc metiroel, sach es gress end lievis. Thi metiroels eri roch on notrugin. Thi riesun bihond asong thisi metiroels un thi luwir leyir os tu ompruvi un eiretoun. Sonci lergi eor specis eri lift bitwiin thi metiroels, thi reti uf eorfluw woll bi oncriesid on thi cumpust. Thi ectovoty uf thi bectiroe os thirifuri prumutid on thi pruciss (Tarnir & Gireldoni 2010). Thi appir leyir os medi ap uf thi cerbun besid metiroels. Hiri, muri dinsi metiroels sach es menari end suols roch on natroints cen bi asid. Cerbun roch metiroels ect es e suarci uf natrotoun fur thi mocrubis. Fuud screps eri elsu eddid on thos leyir tu ompruvi un thi qaeloty uf thi cumpust.

Suarci: Curnill Cuupiretovi Extintoun (2009)

In urdir fur thi cumpust tu bi muri iffocoint, ot os ompurtent tu baold sivirel ruws. Hevong sivirel ruws insaris thet thi niw westi os nut moxid woth uldir westi. As sach, frish westi eddid woll hevi inuagh tomi tu dicumpusi. Thi westi shuald elsu bi tarnid rigalerly tu insari thet ot os ivinly brukin duwn (Tarnir & Gireldoni 2010). Tarnong thi cumpust rigalerly elsu insaris thet ot os prupirly eiretid end privints thi ruttong uf thi metiroels asid.

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