Decolonization : The Cold War Essay

Decolonization : The Cold War Essay

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Throughout the middle of the 1900’s, decolonization was flooding the globe. Many third world countries were growing tired of living in the shadow of the super powers of the world. The time of imperialism was ending and freedom of all states was on the rise. However, this freedom did not come without sacrifice due to the controlling empire’s refusal to let go. Many countries had bloodshed due to fighting for their freedom. However, some, such as the French, released countries without a fight (p. 23-24). As the super powers began to come across other issues, the colonized countries began to seek independence. An important ordeal that occurred during the twentieth century was the cold war. The cold war enhanced the will for decolonization by driving a wedge between the different parts of the world.
Once tensions began to rise between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1947, all focus was on these two super powers. “Both sides are fixated on the other, but this fixation prevents each from recognizing the enormous pressure for dramatic changes that is coming from the third world” (p. 61). Their colonies were pushed to the side. Instead of tending to people of their empires, they were too busy building up for a silent war. The super powers were using all their financial power towards this war and ignored the needs of the people in their colonies. The people in these third world countries were improving despite the neglect of the super powers. For example, medical techniques that were reaching more people for a cheaper price so the people could survive malaria and other diseases (p. 61). People were living longer and improving their lives. This boosted their confidence especially when they were accomplishing tasks without the he...

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...ople to the Algerian people when it came to fighting for independence with a foreign power hovering over them (p. 155). Ben Bella was faced with many questions as to what would happen to the people with the influence of opposing powers of the cold war (p. 153-154). As people strived for their independence, the two sides that arose in the world following the cold war truly impacted the third world counties as they struggled to stand on their own feet. The struggle to influence the third world with two completely different ideologies only caused more conflict in the world.
Thus, the text shows that the cold war intersected with decolonization in extreme ways. It caused a line to be drawn and sides were chosen, from both the super powers and the previous colonies. Also, due to the neglect of the super powers, the colonial countries were pushed closer to independence.

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