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Decline on American Society Essay

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Most have had that moment when they are just causally watching a TV show or movie with a parent that seems good and clean when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a sex scene pops up. Neither of you expected it, so it creates both an awkward situation for both the parent and the child. You don’t know what to do. You may want run away as fast as possible or try and focus your attention elsewhere until the unpleasant and extremely awkward situation resolves itself. Burying your face in your phone and acting as though you noticed nothing is another great solution.
Compared to 20-30 years ago, life in America has changed significantly. Morals and values have been on a downward spiral. Each day I find examples of this, whether it be a student disrespecting a peer, or some new show on television that only focuses its attention on violence and sexual content. When I look at the big picture as to where our country is headed, it looks very ominous. What was important to our parents and grandparents isn’t that important to us as a nation so much anymore. This moral conflict is reflected in the dichotomy of many churches as opposed to fractured families, media, and non-existent moral training has resulted in a hypocritical society.
The morals that we live our lives by are generally those that we have inherited from family and learned much about at church. We are taught at an early age to live by the “Golden Rule,” which says a person should treat others in the same way he or she would want to be treated you (Ethics 35). Sadly this golden rule isn’t always what people choose to live their lives by. Sometimes good judgment and respect give way to poor decisions. If everyone could simply live by The Golden Rule, there wouldn’t be crime or all th...

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