The Decline Of Violent Crime Essay

The Decline Of Violent Crime Essay

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Underage Gaming
With the decline of violent crime in the United States, why are video games blamed for modern violence? Looking at violent crime statistics over the last fifty years the United States peaked in the early Nineties, but has been on an almost constant decrease since. This decrease in violence started around the same time the first Playstation was invented, the system that brought the first wave of violent video games. Video games are taking blame for violence because of what their virtual worlds perceive. Violent video games are not the cause of violence rather a scapegoat for modern, uninformed critics.
While the violent video game era has skyrocketed, the violent crime rate in the United States is on a downfall. In the peak year of 1991, the rate of violent crime per 100,000 inhabitants was 758.2. After twenty-one years the rate of violence in 2012, in the United States, has been closed to halved 386.9 (“Crime”). Violent video games were introduced approximately the same time the violence decrease began which completely contradicts the critics ideas of a relationship ...

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