The Decline Of The 18th And 19th Century Essay examples

The Decline Of The 18th And 19th Century Essay examples

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The 18th and 19th century saw the beginnings of a shift in the position towards gender, as roles for women in public and professional life broadened. However, at the same time, prostitution, illegitimacy and same-sex relationships were increasingly characterized. Ideas about gender difference were consequential from classical thought, Christian ideology, and contemporary science. Men and women were thought to dwell bodies with different physical make-ups and to retain profoundly different qualities and advantages. Men, as the stronger sex, were thought to be intelligent, bold, and strong-minded. Women, on the other hand, were more overseen by their emotions, and their qualities were expected to be continence, unpretentiousness, compassion, and religiousness. Men were thought to be more hostile; women more submissive. These differences were rebounded in the accountabilities to which each sex was thought to be reclining. Men were prone to violence, stubbornness, and selfishness, while women 's sins were viewed as the result of their tendency to be ruled by their bodies and their emotions, particularly envy, desire, and laziness. Evidently, popular literary authors such as, William Blake and Mary Prince incorporate these associates of gender into their work. Although their interpretation of gender is fairly similar, William Blake examines the dynamic of gender roles and sexual relations, as a crucial component of criticism of society while Mary Prince treats women and men similarly in terms of gender roles and does not let society define individuals.

William Blake expresses concern towards those who suffer as a result of domination. Blake believes that anything which prevents an individual from reaching his or her potential is evil...

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...and Mary Prince is that they both portray women at a lower status than men, giving women less power. William Blake portrays Oothoon as a woman who is not respected by men when she is given a bad reputation, being called a harlot. Mary Prince has a lower status than men because she is a slave and she is not expected to fight with her masters. However, both authors bring religion into the context of the genders. Mary Prince joins a church in order to claim her freedom, while, Oothoon blames their creator of their fallen world for the way things are in her society. This reveals that women rely on religion and god to explain what is right and what is wrong as well as why it is wrong in context of religion. Men rely on what the societies agree upon in order to believe what is right and what is wrong, and how they should be treated in terms of power over others (women).

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