The Decline Of The Robinson Left Home For Good Essay

The Decline Of The Robinson Left Home For Good Essay

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After Robinson left home for good in 1830 and as the turmoil that must have created died down, Francis along with his new wife Mary began to have a family, adding to Francis remaining two, Joseph and Ann. In quick succession, they had five more children, John (b 1832), Elijah (b 1834), Milly (b 1836), Martha (b 1838) and Ann (b 1842). These were the half brothers and sisters Robinson never knew. Francis worked as an agricultural labourer in Fulstow for his whole life, even into his seventies. Mary lived 5 years past Francis passing away in September 1870.
As for Robinson’s brother Joseph, he did not partake in adventures, but staying in and around Fulstow, carrying on the Jacklin way as a farm labourer. At first he moved to Gayton Le Wold to the south and after he married Elizabeth Eno (b 1822) in 1846, to Walesby in West Lincolnshire and finally back in Fulstow, next door to his father, by 1850. They had 4 boys, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and James. Evidently Joseph and Elizabeth were pious Christians. Elizabeth died in the mid-1850s and soon after and Joseph remarried. Joseph and Mary did not have more children. Joseph was not quite as long lived as Robinson dying in September 1891 surviving his second wife by about 5 years.
Robinson’s sister Ann married John Parker, on April 22, 1840, who had just inherited his farm after his father Samuel had died. In quick succession she had 3 children, and having made the step-up to a farmer’s wife could afford to have a servant. Unfortunately she died in December 1854 at the young age of 34. Interestingly, one of Robinson’s uncles, Francis’s older brother Thomas (b 1781) had children late in his life and had a boy in 1840 that he named Robinson. Was this in memory of our Robinson Jacklin’s drama...

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...Margaret (b 1870) were deaf mutes and like their older sister never married living together at home in their homestead on Lot B114 in Foley.
Happier notes can be mentioned for the last two children. Their fourth, Francis (b
1872), was the first in the Horseshoe area to get a radio, was a well known handy
man. Alvin Jacklin his neighbour and cousin recalls “It didn’t make much what
was buggered up, Frank could find a way to fix it. He was a carpenter, a mason, a
step dancer, you name it he could do it”. While they were all young, Frank, along with his Jacklin cousins

plus friend George Rankin, organized sleighing parties in the winter. Frank’s wife Kathleen Adams (b 1880) went on to live to 106.
The last Mathewson offspring, Agnes (b 1876) became a seamstress and married Henry Lawson (b 1873) on Christmas Day 1901 and living, with her family, next door to her parents.

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