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The Decline Of The Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was a period of time during which a number of revolutions occurred. However, it was the events that happened during the late middle ages, which created the conditions for the Renaissance. Some of these events include the development of the printing press, the breaking away from the church, the period of enlightenment, and the plague and the aftermath of that.
The plague or black death, was one of the biggest events that occurred during the middle ages, and it easily sets the grounds for the beginning of the Renaissance. After the plague wiped out an estimated 30-60% of Europe’s population, there was a desperate need and want for change. There was also a large need for labour and an increase in wages, and more and more people moved from the country into the city. Yet, this also meant that there was a larger supply of food, as there were less villages and more farms, meaning larger growth of food. (Cole 1961, Symes 2014, p.358) The demand for labour also began leading to the collapse of the feudal system. It was the collapsing of the feudal system that also allowed people to increase their social status, something that was far more difficult before, and therefore led to a larger and more powerful middle class. This led to ordinary people to become more secure, of which resulted in hundreds of both big and small rebellions during the Renaissance. But ultimately, the plague created the desire for change and undoubtedly led to the beginning of the Renaissance.
Another event that also largely created the conditions for the Renaissance, was the people beginning to question and move away from the church. Though religious reformation and the collapse of the feudal system largely happened during the Renaissance, they both ha...

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...psing of the feudal system and the rejection of religious authority, the invention of the printing press, and the period of enlightenment, all contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance. However, they did not do so individually, but instead all worked together to do so. Without the contribution of one of these, the Renaissance might not have occurred, or at least wouldn’t have had the same impact. Both the plague and the printing press contributed to the rejection of religious authority, as did the period of enlightenment. And all of these also helped strengthen the ideas which were produced during the period of enlightenment, and were fundamental in creating the conditions for the cultural developments of the Renaissance. All of these ideas not only played a key role in creating the Renaissance, but also carried on into the Renaissance and greatly influenced it.

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