The Decline Of The Homeless Population Essay

The Decline Of The Homeless Population Essay

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Throughout the history of modern civilization, issues have always arose that concerned the public. These issues included things such as the fairness of taxes all the way to pollution in the local rivers. We all share a common goal, however; the well being of the human population, but more specifically, in our own community. One of the largest issues that we have been focusing on in King county is the rise in the homeless population. Although it is a national problem as well, Seattle has made and broken promises to end homelessness in the city, resulting in a very critical local social issue.
Without a doubt, the homeless population is on the rise. Everyone has seen a man or woman standing on a street corner with a sign asking for money. With the enormous increase in rent all throughout the city and without a steady income, more people are now living on the streets or in “tent cities”.
In 2010, the Census found that Washington state had the 7th highest homeless population of those over the age of 18 in the nation, with the highest being in New York. It was recorded that 3.3% of America’s homeless live in our state(The Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population). While that may not seem like a large portion of the overall populace, that is almost 6,000 people without regular shelter.
However, someone being homeless not only affects them, it affects everyone they encounter. Whether it be a physical confrontation or just emotional, everyone is affected by seeing someone suffer. This is especially accurate as you visit downtown. There has been an increasing number of street dwellers, which increases the number of panhandlers. Aggressive panhandling has become a pertinent issue among local business owners as well. The president...

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...d $45 million dollars a year on provided services to benefit the homeless. So the obvious question to ask is, “Why hasn’t this ridiculous amount of money solved the problem then?” There is no simple answer to that. The only possible reason is because people are losing their houses every day. Now some of these people may have family they can stay with, but the majority don’t. This is a revolving issue that has to be solved with more than just tossing money at it and hoping it goes away.
The unfortunate reality is that there will always be homeless people in America. People down on their luck that don’t have a place to stay has always been the world we live in. But, there has to be a solution. Money alone is not going to make the problem disappear. If everybody showed compassion towards these people who are only trying to survive, the world would be a much better place.

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