The Decline Of The Early 19th Century Essay

The Decline Of The Early 19th Century Essay

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The early 19th century was a busy time for America as a whole. This was the time where we really tested out our new power and worked on expansion, rather than survival or rebuilding. At the time many citizens considered it the golden age. This century brought prosperity and poverty, civilization and dehumanization, more trade with other countries but international tension. The Market Revolution was one of the best things that could have happened to the still-new America, but it built up to disastrous changes.
The primary characteristic of the Market Revolution was advancement in technology and overall growth. With the invention of the cotton gin, the steamboat, railroads, and the telegraph, America had a very large and very fast boom in both economy and in technology (Foner). The one to truly jumpstart the revolution was Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin. This invention made carding cotton take minutes instead of hours. Now that cotton could be processed at a much faster rate, it could be mass produced and sent to the North, to the textile mills. The steamboat and the railroad were also huge advancements in society. Both these inventions allowed transportation of factory produced goods to be cheaply transported much farther than land would allow. Ironically, both of these inventions relied on the same basic design, meaning the entire Market Revolution relied almost solely on the steam engine.
Physically, the country almost completely changed landscape. All across the country, things were being built in that era. The previously mention railroads, steamboats, and telegraph lines raced to see what could connect cites the fastest. This alone had a major impact on westward expansion. In order to aid the new forms of transportati...

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... agriculture as a whole. It caused a population boom which was great for the time, but would cause food shortages for those living in the cities years from then. The skilled craftsmen slowly died out because factories could make the same product at a cheaper and faster rate. There were many benefits at the time, because the thought of expansion has never made people pause in their actions. It is human instinct to grow and evolve, to find any blank territory and claim it as their own. Great Britain was an excellent example of this. Once considered the world superpower, it wanted to grow and grow, and as a result there are now many countries with the same attitude. Overall, it had been made clear that, in this writer’s opinion, the Market Revolution wasn’t a revolution at all, but rather one of the first nails in the coffin that contains our humanity as a civilization.

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