The Declaration Of The Iraq War Essay

The Declaration Of The Iraq War Essay

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The America synonymous with liberty and freedom, the America envisaged by our forefathers, is an idealised society far from the current reality of our own. These fundamental ideals, which many blinded Americans would attest their government to be ardent followers of, were made irrelevant by a government desperate to consolidate its power and further its agenda. Nothing stopped the American people engaging in George W Bush’s crusade, without a modicum of doubt or time to question his intentions, we followed him into battle from our vantage point in front of our televisions. This ensured that we, the American people were amongst the victims of this war; a war that misled us, the American public. It is the obligation of this court to expose and find guilty those individuals who incriminated themselves in the name of our great nation.
The conclusion of the Iraq war afforded us the opportunity to reflect upon our actions. Ragging patriotism, spurred by 9/11, was replaced by regret. We were to the Iraqi’s, what they were to us: terrorists. However, this reality was hidden from us. This illegal war, which infringed on Iraq’s right as a sovereign nation, was not the reality represented in American media. Rather, we were imbued with the patriotic narrative that this was a righteous crusade to bring to justice those determined to “destroy our way of life”.
The good name of America was tainted by the Bush administration and its readiness to exploit the support of its citizens and kill hundreds of thousands of people to further their own agenda. Our patriotism was well constructed through meticulously crafted slogans and images that radiated from our television sets, urging us to “guard the American borders”, slogans abounded, evoking patriot...

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...tionable, but illegal under the Smith-Mundt act of 1948, which prescribes the use of propaganda as illegal in American media, ensuring that this administration must be accountable for its wilful misleading of the United States of America.

Pat Tillman, and the American people were victims of the American Government and the United States Army Service’s desire to bolster support for a ludicrous war to empower men whose self-interest, hubris and desire to maintain hegemony prompted them to exploit, deceive and ultimately mislead us. Such injustice is a crime to our values, a crime to our forefathers and most profoundly a crime against the American people. Such a grand crime is only befitting of the full punishment of the law. This court is obligated to serve justice on behalf of the American people and must not fail the American people in the same way our leaders did.

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