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The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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The Declaration of Independence

At the point when throughout human events, it gets significant for one group of people in another land to solve the political bands that make this group connected with another. The land that gives them a geographical separation should also separate them in other aspects. They believe that they are entitled to have freedom in choosing a religion, to have others respect, and to have their own laws in that geographically independent country. Moreover, people still hold these beliefs to be undisputable, that one and all people are created equal, that those people are gifted by the creator with certain inalienable rights, such as gladness and liberty. Indeed, it is the right of the people to abolish the corrupted government, and to institute a new one, with specific principles and laws, that guarantees the happiness and safety of every individual in the country, even though prudence dictates that governments long established must not be changed for fleeting causes.
Recently, we have seen some examples of changing governments and we all know that people have suffered, but that never means that a government can do whatever benefits its own interests while people as a whole are suffering of poverty and starvation. These are people’s rights and duty to throw off an outdated government and establish a secure path to the future for the next generation. The king of Great Britain is an example of what is discussed in here. In 1776, Great Britain’s laws were applied over some states, and its history is full of oppression, injustice and tyranny toward the people who were in those states.
Due to some employment opportunities and the ease in owning land, the number of people who moved there...

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...Celebration is something which people want to have after accomplishing a massive mission. After announcing that America is an independent country, it is rough to prepare again to start thinking about new goals and new ways to establish this country and rearrange everything by putting the appropriate person to take the lead and get the ball rolling. George Washington got that honor by becoming the first president of the United States of America. He was elected because of his thought and his faith that all American should be free in any aspect in their lives. Freedom of speech, freedom in choosing religion and freedom of thought have existed since the founding of America. These are the constants which this country has leaned on through the ages. I can’t get what all the Americans have provided to their country to let it become the top one in every field in this world.

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