The Declaration Of Independence By John Locke Essay

The Declaration Of Independence By John Locke Essay

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The Declaration of the Independence was a formal document which declared the America’s independence from Britain from July 4, 1776 until today (“Declaration of Independence”). The Enlightenment was a period in time, in the eighteenth century, when many Enlightenment thinkers created new ways of understanding which later influenced the American and French Revolution (“Enlightenment”). Celebration of the Declaration of Independence occurs every year on July 4, when Americans come together to honor our independent nation, usually with fireworks, hot dogs and apple pies. The Declaration of Independence was inspired by and inspired the Enlightenment because Thomas Jefferson took ideas from the Enlightenment, especially from John Locke who believed that every man is entitled to, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Natural Law,” even though the last line was changed to the, “Pursuit of Happiness” in the document (“John Locke”). The Declaration of Independence is a true document of the Enlightenment because the thinkers during the Enlightenment such as John Locke believed that the government was formed to protect the freedom of the people which is evidence that the British were misusing their power against the colonies.Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence with thoughts from the Enlightenment which demonstrates that the Declaration of Independence was both impacted by and impacted the Enlightenment by incorporating and developing upon the ideals of the Enlightenment.
The Enlightenment included many intelligent philosophers who shared their ideas based upon prior knowledge for religious, social, political, and economic reasons (“Gay 11”). Many Enlightenment thinkers beliefs such as, every person is allowed to express their...

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... into a dictatorship (“Enlightenment Ideas”).
The Declaration of Independence was both influenced by and influenced the Enlightenment by including and expanding upon the epitome of the Enlightenment. The American Revolution was won against the British with the help of the French and the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is a document which demanded independence from Britain. The topics discussed in the Declaration of Independence were mainly from the famous Enlightenment thinker, John Locke. The Enlightenment was a time when many philosophers created theories and thoughts about science, religion, politics, etc... Unfortunately the French Revolution was lost and the people of France ended up being led by a dictator. In conclusion, America is so great today due to the acts of our forefathers trying to secure the rights of its people.

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