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The Declaration Of Independence And Slavery Essays

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The document Declaration of Independence signed July 4, the year 1776 and written by one of the country’s ancestors Thomas Jefferson. It was a time in history that declared independence a manuscript written for this occasion which introduces five separate sections that include the introduction which states it is vital to take action on Britain for the colonies.
However, the preamble a popular part articulate “’all men created equal’’ that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Even though the Declaration of Independence does not contradict slavery, the Declaration of Independence affects the human rights of slaves. Equally important religion uncovers the moral and ethical concern to slavery. As the interpretation of this deed is a tool used by abolitionist to fight for slave’s freedom because societies itself, especially in the South slavery is based.
Therefore, I argue that the Declaration of Independence do contradict slavery with humanity and laws in society. First, Charles Langston, a free Black man, notifies a court about African American human right in according to the Fugitive Slave Law. It implies that African American is not free under any circumstance; it states that Whites have the right to place them into captivity. African Americans lack rights, and this law, will not protect this race of people.
Another form of human rights affected by slavery is wrong morals; David Walker reveals the human ethical problems of being equal. David Walker concludes that in society as a human being people have the same moral rights. These guidelines regardless of nationality, sex, or mental abilities a person have equal right. On the contrary, these moral principles conform to our universal humanity.

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... this Douglas regularly repeated he would not argue the issue of freeing the slaves. However, Douglas focused on denouncing slavery rather than making a convincing argument which is a form of using a different style of argument.
Finally, Douglas offers to the listeners the interpretation of the Declaration of Independence with the Constitution in United States people believe it supports slavery is wrong and suggests that everyone understanding laws of citizenship varies depending on their opinion. Douglas symbolic argumentative views allow the government to investigation unfair laws and the inequality of slavery.
In conclusion, the inequality is unfair and the gap in the Declaration of Independence neglect to indicated what men is create equal therefore if all men were why slavery continue throughout the South. In other words, this document is contrary to slavery.

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