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Decisions in Paradise
Kava is a culturally diverse island in the South Pacific. 50% of Kava’s population is indigenous, while the remaining amount of population is split up between the: Americans, French, Africans, and Spanish. Kava also has a variety of resources including: bananas, cocoa, coffee, spices, and petroleum. However, 50% of the population is age 15 or younger. That doesn’t make for a large workforce. Kava is also plagued with disaster threats such as: tidal waves and tsunamis, typhoons and hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, HIV and AIDS, petroleum spills, a high risk of the avian flu, and terrorism both inside and out of the country.
O. Smith Water Products Corporation is an innovative global leader in hot water heater manufacturing, and is committed to helping Kava. A. O. Smith Water Products Corporation is a global leader in applying innovative technology, along with energy efficient solutions to products marketed worldwide. A. O. Smith WPC is “one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment. A. O. Smith WPC offers a comprehensive product line that features the best known brands in North America and China. A. O. Smith WPC is also one of North America’s largest manufacturers of electric motors used in residential and commercial applications in North America. A. O. Smith WPC has made it their mission to help Kava.
A. O. smith WPC wants to help Kava, by using technology to build a global economy, while delivering a high value to their shareholders. Kava’s resources are a critical part of the sustainability of the world. A. O. Smith WPC will be able to find out how to help Kava by analyzing the organizational and environ...

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...nd the military are stakeholders that could be affected. With the area in a better situation, they can help provide protection from terrorism. A. O. Smith WPC can work together with both of these groups. Tourists will also be affected because there will probably be more coming in to Kava. The company will help the place be attractive place to go. Tourists will be more willing to come visit the island. Increased tourism will also bring in more money for the island.
The cost of the reconstruction to Kava will be a huge expense. There are pros and cons to the reconstruction for stakeholders, but the pros outweigh the cons. A. O. Smith WPC should decide to help Kava. It will be a great thing for all parties involved.

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