Essay on The Decision Of An Inmate

Essay on The Decision Of An Inmate

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The decision to allow an inmate to participate in a postsecondary programs is entirely in the hands of the individual prison administrators (Palmer, 2012). Postsecondary education is educational programs beyond the secondary level, especially education at the college or university level. Prison managers cannot plan or budget appropriately for literacy services unless they have accurate and reliable information about the extent of the need for services for prisoners who cannot read and write (Rankin 2005). Moreover, teachers of incarcerated youth are often isolated and do not have access to either typical district/local education agency in-service opportunities or training targeted to the unique situation in which they teach (Gagnon, 2014). However, when inmates are not given the opportunity to participate in educational services there is an increase of recidivism. The lack of educational funds for prisoners, also increases the likelihood of incompletion of educational programs.
Which prisoners, however, should receive educational services? Most people who lack the opportunity to education, jobs, and health services of any kind cannot move up the ladder in society. It is education in general, and especially in prisons, which acts as a safeguard of the human condition for those who have committed crimes. Therefore, imprisonment, although is a justified punishment, should not carry an additional deprivation of civil rights; the only right to be deprived while being detained, is the freedom of movement. This paper explore the benefits of receiving educational services while incarcerated.
A study of reading and mathematics in juvenile correctional schools found that young people who have disabilities have serious learning problems as...

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...e to get this type of education, they are more likely to find jobs after release and, therefore, less likely to become a repeat offender.
Participating in educational services will result in a reduction of recidivism. The independent variable is, participating in postsecondary educational programs which are designed to provide access to the best opportunities and a higher quality of life. The dependent variable are the recidivism rates after being released from prison, it is determined by the percentage of ex-inmates who are re-incarcerated as well as by how long it takes for them to get arrested once again. Considering, the independent variable is identified as dichotomous which is measured on a nominal level and the dependent variable is continuous which is measured on a ratio level. Regarding this, a Chi-squared test will be used to test the hypothesis given.

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