The Decision Of A Destination Essay

The Decision Of A Destination Essay

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Nowadays, students in Asian countries have a trend of studying abroad. The decision of a destination depends on the development of a country. For that reason, students normally choose the developed countries to accomplish his/her dream of higher education. On the other side, in order to attract the students from all over the world, there are some suggestions to improve the quality of the college in general and NOVA in particular. They could include a foundation of various clubs, an installment of a number of electric devices and an increase of the physical environment.

First of all, a variety of clubs should be established to assist international students who come to the U.S. for the first time. Student has many concerns as she/he is living far away from his/her family. Moreover, different language is the most significant barrier of international students. Therefore, he/she needs a mentor to show him/her a direction or description of doing something such as how to enroll classes or how to look for a part time job in a college campus. At this point, NOVA does not have clubs which are classified by the nationality or the language, for example, Vietnamese club for Vietnamese students. Organizing such clubs assure student that he/she will certainly receives the assistance from his/her senior coming from the same country or speaking the same language. Resulting from such clubs and the possible assistance, Nova would be a preferable choice for foreign students in the future. Besides that, clubs which are related to a hobby should be mentioned in this suggestion. After studying time, students are offered to join in clubs related to their hobbies, such as cooking, designing, and photography. Simply spending time on what he/she likes, im...

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...lace since there is lacking of chairs along the corridor. Sometimes, he/she has to sit on the ground in order to access his/her assignment. The provision and the enlargement of the parking lot and other facilities, such as chairs or benches, forthcoming NOVA will be a better place for students coming from the other states as well as around the globe.

In conclusion, current NOVA is a good choice for residential students and overseas students. However, if the administrator of NOVA improves the campus by founding some clubs, installing a variety of electronic devices and upgrading the physical environment in both quality and quantity, NOVA will turn into a better option among the U.S. education system and be well known by more international students. This is why I personally choose NOVA as my first college in the U.S. and the firm foundation for my higher education.

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