Essay about Decision Making Strategy : An Effective Method

Essay about Decision Making Strategy : An Effective Method

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Decision Making Strategy
By examining the Baker’s Dozen list, I identified greatly with Last Minute Louie, Mia Fraid, Saint Peter Perfectus, Pollyanna A. Peazer, and Ver (“Sis”) Tematic. Through this it clear that that I make last minute decisions, I delay my decisions due to fear, I try to make the perfect decision, I try to please others with my decisions, and I consider the pros and cons of each alternative. One style I found myself not relating to at all was Willy Nilly. I do not let other people make decisions for me; however, they can have an impact on my decisions. One decision making strategy I make use of is the gathering of information before making a decision. By gathering information, I can learn what is best for me and what I can benefit from. By going into a problem blind, it is difficult to ultimately come up with a final decision. Gathering information beforehand is an effective method because it allows me to quickly come up with a decision.
Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Ambiguity and uncertainty play a huge role in the decision making process. Having ambiguity and unc...

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