Essay about The Decision Making Process Was Education

Essay about The Decision Making Process Was Education

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When I was around 2 ½ years old, my parents had to make the decision of which preschool (in my hometown of Wausau, Wisconsin) they would send me to. The most important aspect that they considered in the decision-making process was education. My parents both wanted me to receive the best education from early on, but my mom also wanted my educational experience to be one that was centered on a Catholic education, as she had grown up in a very Catholic family and was a Catholic herself. She, however, had never attended a Catholic school because her parents could not afford to send her and all of her siblings to one. Instead, she received her education from the public school system, which her parents supplemented with weekly CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) classes. She received the basics of both education and religious development, but she never felt like the schools she attended challenged her academically, and she was not developing her religion outside of her home. So my mom, as a result, always felt that she had missed out on the experiences provided by a Catholic school education. Catholic schools are unique in that they are known for their great academics AND religious opportunities, which can exemplified through the values-added education system (of discipline and commitment) and academically challenging programs that they provide, as well as the moral and spiritual development emphasized at school. Wanting me to have a better education for future success than they had received, my parents made the decision to enroll me at St. Anne’s, a Catholic preschool/elementary school in my hometown. I stayed in the Catholic school system the entirety of elementary, middle, and high school, as my parents and I were altogether ha...

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...ed for access to social capital and monetary resources because of their upper middle socioeconomic status, and therefore they were able to send me to a Catholic school. At a Catholic school, I was able to receive an education where I was exposed to concerted cultivation methods, anticipatory socialization, and the belief in the achievement ideology, which all prepared me for future success. I also was able to develop my religious education at Catholic school, which gave me morals and values that have shaped my identity. Lastly, my Catholic school education shielded me from wealth inequalities, but I was able to see all of the inequalities and the larger problems in society when I moved to the large city of Minneapolis. Ultimately the decision my parents made to send me to a Catholic school was one that, working together with agency and structure, shaped my identity.

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