Decision Making, Pitfalls And Solutions Essay example

Decision Making, Pitfalls And Solutions Essay example

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Summary: Chapter # 7 –Team Decision Making, Pitfalls and Solutions
Decision making is an absolute. It is found in individual and team response to any change that is to occur. Decision making in the primary component of this chapter and is dissected in great detail to make the individual realize its importance, the biases involved and the effects and consequences of the decision. In the beginning the chapter has an excellent review of four of the most common individual decision making biases and how they can and will impact the team. These biases are: (1) Framing, (2) Overconfidence, (3) Confirmation Bias and (4) Decision Fatigue. The chapter continues with individual versus group decisions while addressing or completing a demonstrable task(s) and how averages of performance will vary from what was originally believed to be true. Group decision rule types and if they are adopted by individual or social (group) effort are described. Finally, the chapter concludes with the pitfalls that affect groups of all sizes, listing the causes and symptoms of each and how to avoid the pitfall. Because the chapter is essentially divided into two divisions, individual biases and group decision making, I will begin with the biases that affect individual decisions and can affect the group.
Framing is actually a communication that is not cognitively recognized by the receiver as being deceptive or intentionally misleading. It can apply to almost any decision that has been reframed or communicated differently to gain or cause a loss. The textbook, Making the Team, A Guide for Managers demonstrated a superb example (Thompson, 2014, p.164). Overconfidence occurs in individual and organizational setting as is the process by which the decision...

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...l observance of an organizational manager. This was beyond the common scope of everyday management. The final section of the chapter does however redeem itself to some extent as it explores conflict management approaches. My favorite was the Wageman and Donnenfelds’ conflict intervention model with four kinds of intervention to be utilized.
Wageman and Donnenfelds ideas on intervention for the manager or leader are rather simple in that they strive to improve the teams from within by means of design, task coaching, conflict process coaching, and changing the individual. Each of these areas are discussed and the advantages are demonstrated. Not all areas may need to be utilized and again as with any team conflict, there is not a “One-size-fits-all approach. Managing team conflicts are as individualized as the individuals that comprise the team and as adaptable.

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