Decision-making Philosophy in the Field of Health Education Essay

Decision-making Philosophy in the Field of Health Education Essay

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The school of Health Education is a practice whose effectiveness is difficult to be matched. From being taught in a classroom, to presenting to a community, the curriculum is designed to increase quality of life through a plethora of strategies. To create a uniformed method of transferring this knowledge to others successfully, different philosophies have been created for health educators to use as a sturdy foundation. Philosophy is imperative to one’s teaching mantra, for it determines how one lives, works, plays, and generally approaches life; all of which are necessary to consider when passing on knowledge and lifestyles to others. Of these different philosophies, I believe that the decision-making philosophy is the most beneficial to health educators, and that the behavior-change philosophy is the least.
In comparison to the other health philosophies, decision-making sticks out to me as the most reasonable, as well as the most ethical philosophy to teach by. It is not only useful for planning class lessons, but it fulfills the different articles of the Code of Ethics for Health Teachers; especially Article I: Responsibility to the public, and Article V: Responsibility in Research and Evaluation. For example, Section I of Article I stresses the Health Educator’s support of an individual’s right to make an informed decision. As a Health Educator for grades 9 – 12, I would be in a classroom with young adults who are just discovering themselves through identifying their own unique thoughts and ideas. Since that age group is where most development into adulthood takes place, it is important for them to learn to make their own choices regarding personal health. Also, the young adults in this age group tend to be more independent, ...

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...verall, this could result in the behavior worsening, or a lack of trust and a break of teacher-student bond, which to me is an essential part of making an impact in a student’s lifestyle decision.
As a Health Educator, I feel as though the most important goal is to convey to your students how to choose a positive lifestyle and also be a source of information, counseling, and confidence for them as they make their transition from adolescence into adulthood. Hence, with this and all other factors taken into consideration, I firmly believe that the decision-making philosophy is the most preferred choice. Not only is it the easiest to use in the age group of grades 9 – 12 with my projected teaching style, but it also falls under a majority of the Code of Ethics. In a word, it is my personal belief that all Health Educators would see success in using this philosophy.

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