The Decision Making Of The Business Organization Essay examples

The Decision Making Of The Business Organization Essay examples

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The decision making is the main ingredient of the business organization as every success or failure of the organization mainly depends upon the decisions made by the management of the company. The critical decision making process is very important in business as it possess the various factors that depends upon the success and vitality of the business. The decision leads the organization towards better understanding of the matters and will also help in better coordination among the clients, employees and managers within the company. It may help in setting the realistic goals to deliver promising results. The decision making can be considered as an essential way to eliminate any kind of conflicts within the organization and help organization in terms of growth and profit with the set goals and targets.
The business always needs the significant outcomes that may lead them towards the path of success and these things are only possible when the decisions are made carefully after the proper analysis of the situations and scenarios. The critical decision making may result in fruitful outcomes for the business as well as it may also pose a problem to the organization if the decision is not taken carefully.
In terms of case study, the decision making plays a very crucial role in deciding to solve the problems that existed in the management sphere between finance and programming department. The critical thinking and decisions may help in better coordination with the team and will solve inherent issues, “Business Research Methods”.

Five Steps of Decision Making Process
There are various steps involved in the making of a decision; a decision needs to be made according to various set of steps.
Step1. Framing the decision statem...

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...issues come attached with the implementation. In this critical thinking comes in play as it is practical, relatable and functional. It is disciplined and directed towards its approach and hence becomes acceptable.
Critical decision making is a very important aspect in terms of organizational growth and coordination. In the case study also, it plays a very crucial role in deciding the aspects that can resolve the issues in the organization related to workforce generations, resource management and coordination. It is very important part as it also plays a significant role in profit making as well as help in delivering the promise to the clients. The decision making steps are very essential which helps in making the decision according to the aspects and situational analysis, “Critical Thinking Skills in Tactical Decision Making: A Model and A Training Strategy”.

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