Decision Making For High Level Basketball Tournament Essay

Decision Making For High Level Basketball Tournament Essay

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Decision making is becoming one of the most important factor in succeeding at high level sports performances, basketball is one of them. (Britton & Yerger, 2015) Klein, Calderwood & Clinton-Cirocco, in 1986 argued, “successful performance does not solely rely on proficient movement control, an effective decision on the required motor response is also required.” This research will focus on understanding the role of decision making in high level basketball tournaments, its’ effectiveness on achieving results and methods that improves the athlete’s abilities for decision makings.

Definition of decision making
Decision Making (DM) is “DM can be seen as the way towards focusing on a specific strategy”, wrote (Cotterill & Discombe, 2016). More particular meanings of DM could be found in the reference list. (Klein, Calderwood & Clinton-Cirocco, 1986, p.186) Decision making in basketball represents making the right calls in games, such as passing to the teammates that can score, playing help defense against the opponents by understanding the game etc. (Britton & Yerger, 2015)

Role of Decision Making in Basketball
The role of Decision making in Basketball performance is similar to what brain does to human body, by giving out orders and instructions so that other organs could function with purpose. (Innerbody com, 2016). In professional basketball, athletes already have the fundamentals which is similar to the “organs”, the difference between good and bad athletes is their ability to use their “brain”, the decision making process to maximize their advantages in the game. For example, a basketball player can perform dribble moves that the opponent couldn’t steal the ball from him. However, by holding the ball in his hands onl...

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...of the team and coaches while using the statistics to help them improve in game. For example, the team commits more turnovers in game than in theory. The players could refer this to their lack of decision making such as not passing accurately, or misinterpret the defense. These statistics expose the significant weakness of each team so that the players could work on and improve. (Özmen, & Audiffren, 2016)

In conclusion, the decision making is acting as the human brain (Innerbody com, 2016) for high level athletes especially for basketball players, by understanding the effectiveness and benefits of positive decision could motivate athletes to put more focus on this process. Understanding the methods such as statistics and increasing in game experience could boost the player’s ability in decision making into a much higher level. (Özmen, & Audiffren, 2016)

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