Decision Making And Effectiveness Of A Company Essay

Decision Making And Effectiveness Of A Company Essay

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Decision making and effectiveness are crucial to the success of a company. In order for an organization to make proper decisions, it is important to recognize what types of decisions exist and what steps must be taken to solve them. All effects of a decision need to be taken into account prior to any choices being made, including the lives of those that will be effected. In the case of Martha and Herb’s concoctions, Martha has a decision to make that will take much analysis and thinking. By recognizing the type of decision and how it can be approached, Herb’s Garden Products can be sure to make the decision that is best for the company, while addressing the customer’s concerns.

Question One
In examining the case of Herb’s Concoctions, it can be surmised that Martha faces a nonprogrammed decision, in that the decision she needs to make will require conscious thinking, as well as careful consideration of the situation, including the facts that have been presented to her (Bauer & Erdogan, p. 262, 2010). In this case, Martha’s decision is not routine. In fact, it is something that has completely thrown her entire work life out of balance, and therefore is something that she needs to carefully consider before she proceeds in any way that she chooses to handle it. Martha needs to decide how she should handle the customer complaint she has received regarding the health hazard of Herb’s Special Fertilizer Mix. She must choose whether to ignore the customer complaint and show completely loyalty to the organization, or if she needs to pursue the questions she has and demand the company look deeper into these safety concerns.
This decision is also considered an operational decision due to Martha’s position within the co...

... middle of paper ...

...of information and ignore other evidence when making decisions (Bauer & Erdogan, p.270, 2010). Focusing on one piece of information could prove detrimental to a company. Blatantly denying a possible health concern simply because of the longevity of the product is not the best choice for the company. Once a decision has been made on how to address the problem, the company can effectively evaluate the outcome.

Overall, Martha and Herb’s Garden Products have a number of challenges laid out before them. In order for Martha and the company to each succeed, it is imperative for each to be aware of the effects of any decision they make. They need to be sure to take all aspects of a decision into consideration. With proper analysis and rational decision-making, both Martha and employer can make decisions that can benefit both the company and customers.

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