Essay on The Decision Made It Mandatory For Schools

Essay on The Decision Made It Mandatory For Schools

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In 1974 the Supreme Court ruled the in favor of Chinese-American students from San Francisco, California. These students were English language learners (at the time called limited English proficient) who had brought forth their case of discrimination based on the lack of language supports for them in school. The Supreme Court’s “ruling in Lau v. Nichols held that these children must be provided instructional help to overcome the linguistic barrier to the school’s instructional programs.” (Fillmore, 2000, pg. 203) The decision made it mandatory for schools to receive additional instructional supports, and made it possible for bilingual programs to exist. Claude Goldberg argues that Lau helped because “aside from the pedagogical need, there is also a legal requirement mandated. (2013, pg. 6) Seven years after this monumental decision, Castañeda v. Pickard was brought before court in Texas. Roy Castañeda was the father of two Mexican-American children in Raymondville Independent School District. Although the school district was not found guilty of discriminating against children in the classrooms because of language barriers or ethnicity, the final ruling was to establish three requirements for implementing and evaluating bilingual education programs. The first requirement was that a school program must be “premised on a legitimate educational theory.” This is significant because programs now had to be based theories that were highly credited. Second, the program must be implemented through the use of adequate techniques.” This is incredibly important since teachers are required to be trained or certified to work with English language learners, and classrooms aids and supports should be fluent in the language for which they are in su...

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...of a language to monitor their output.” (pg.65) Krashen’s input hypothesis is supported by the fact that learning and acquisition hypothesis requires both input to occur both in and outside of school. That is to say in school children have instructional input from the teacher (learning), then outside of school (and inside as well) children have the opportunity to receive more meaningful conversation input that can help them master the language in an acquisition manner. Knowledge of the natural order hypothesis can help teachers know what parts of language will come naturally to students, and thus identify areas of language that need more focus and attention when being introduced to children. Educators can also help encourage children to make use of their knowledge of language learning by using that knowledge become monitors of their own written, and spoken language.

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