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Decisions in Paradise

As stated in Decisions in Paradise I, Kava has struggled with many obstacles that have prevented this country from becoming a beautiful and a well- known paradise attraction. At this portion of the project, AJA Consulting Firm would like to continue our vision by establishing a greater presence in Kava. Critical thinking is an important part of the decision making process which is essential to ensure decisions are well thought out and possibly prevent individuals from making bad decisions or mistakes that could be costly and in some instances, deadly. No matter what kind of decision an individual makes critical thinking is a very useful tool. Our proposal will display critical thinking skills learned and present a portion of the nine step decision- making techniques to find possible solutions to those problems and how those solutions could affect the island of Kava.
At this time, the stakeholders need information to make a sound judgment concerning the project. Several tools are available to gather statistics that will assist stakeholders in determining if the project risks are worth the investment. To start, an individual would need to know who the stakeholders are. A stakeholder may be defined as an individual who perceives themselves as someone having an interest in the actions of the organization such as customers, shareholders, employees, or members of a community. By identifying the stakeholders, the project planners can study the individual or group concerns through a stakeholder analysis. De Kluyver and Pearce state that a stakeholder analysis is "the process of identifying and prioritizing key stakeholders, assessing their needs and concerns, and incorporating their ide...

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...king a problem through. The individual will have self gratification knowing that a decision was not made in haste and to know that all angles and possible avenues have been explored from understanding what point he is trying to convey. Learning to think critically can help an individual avoid buying into fallacies and limited thinking. When one applies critical thinking to the decision making process, one is less likely to end up making a poor decision.

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Paul, R., & Elder, L. (2006). Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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