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Book Report-Deception Point

The plot is about a new NASA satellite detecting a rare object buried deep
beneath the Arctic ice. The finding, a 300 years old meteorite with fossil, is made public during the presidential elections and this is a devastating blow for Senator Sexton who has been criticising NASA for errors throughout the campaign. The president sends Rachel Sexton ,a White House intelligence analyst and daughter to senator Sexton , along with four other ordinary scientists and a team of highly ranked NASA scientists up to the Arctic to verify and confirm the authenticity of the finding.
Soon they uncover evidence of a fraud after a scientist is found dead under strange circumstances but before Rachel can get in contact with the president she realizes along with the others that this kind of knowledge will put them in a very dangerous situation and also the president in a very difficult position if he announces the news to the world.

Fleeing for their lives throughout the Arctic environment they will find out, what would be devastating news for the president and NASA and plunge the world into controversy, the evidences pointing at the biggest scientific fraud ever. Their only hope for survival now is to find out who is behind this plot and why; for what purpose, and fight for their lives against those who wants to see them dead.

The findings in this book could easily be compared to real findings, throughout history we have been looking at finding proof for existence of life out in the universe and we have found several meteorites throughout times. Though they are not as significant as the discovery in the book where they are found during presidential elections and with fossils on it, but today when people are looking in space and saying our future lies there; reading the book has made everything just more interesting and exciting. "If this discovery is confirmed, it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered. Its implications are as far-reaching and awe-inspiring as can be imagined. Even as it promises answer to some of our oldest questions, it poses still others even more fundamental"
The language of this book can sometimes be difficult when the author uses scientific or high tech terms, or certain words that you are not usually used to, but otherwise this book is easily read by people in my own age.

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Though this could be difficult for non English speakers there should not be any problems, and the language shouldn't be very easy because the aims of this book is for it to be a quality book. The author uses good and comprehensible language to describe the setting and different situations, so you as a reader can imagine how it looks like and how it is. Also the language varies a lot from situation to situation which make everything much more realistic.
The structure of the book is good and easy, the author has divided chapters into different scenarios, so when in the book the story switches from one person/place to another, the author makes a new chapter, even though they sometimes are short this is an easy way to make it comprehensible and to make it less confusing for the reader.

Even though there are no images in the book, imagination is a way to picture the situations, characters and places. This is accomplished with ease in this book as Dan Brown describes everything in detail, so it would be very difficult not to have any images inside your imagination place and no pictures are really needed in a book like this, in the thriller genre pictures shouldn't be included because that should be left for your imagination.
The different characters played a huge role in this exciting novel, each of them were somehow linked to each other in different ways, for e.g. Rachel and Senator Sexton has got family ties, but they are on the opposite side of the election as Rachel is working for the NRO, the National Reconnaissance Office, which is somewhat under direct command of the President and the senator us running for presidency. The characters are made so they contribute with different thoughts and actions in the book so it varies a lot from each character which is why, along with the plot off course, this book has been highly successful.
Usually a book has one main theme, but that is not the case in this book. Deception Point includes several themes in which none is used more frequently than the other.
One is fraud; it is used throughout the novel where it begins with Rachel realizes someone actually put the meteorite under the ice another example of fraud is when we find out that the senator is taking bribes from private space agencies. Another theme that is used commonly in the book is power, not in strength but in authority, money, influence etc, most things in the book has something to do with power, example someone having enough power to put a meteorite under an ice shelf, faking the evidence after someone's death. It is good that the author mixes different themes and styles together and shows such a great variety of difference in his writing, so we as readers take notice to this more and thus learning more. "Brown proves once again that he is among the most intelligent and dynamic of authors in the thriller genre. He has skilfully blended his own wit and style with the rip-roaring adventure of Cussler and the modern technology of Clancy"

After reading the book and writing a book report I really feel that I have received a full insight of the novel, its meaning and the whole purpose of this book. According to me; Dan Brown is trying to tell us how the world is looking today by making this book as realistic as possible so that we all can imagine ourselves in it. This book is very realistic and we all feel that is how the world looks today, but there is a sense of unity among all people when news like this are announced because we are all humans with the same futuristic dream; to one day find another home on another planet. I have learned so many new things such as new words, expressions and that we all should fight in what we believe in. Deception Point is one of the best books ever written.
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