Decaying Log : A Life Than I Am Essay

Decaying Log : A Life Than I Am Essay

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I live in a world where my dog is healthier than I am. It eats proper proportions at relatively the same time every day. It gets a substantial amount of exercise. When the dog loses hair, no one has to worry because dogs naturally shed excessively. As opposed to me, whose hair loses half its weight every time I shower. To be fair, I also live in a world where a decaying log is healthier than I am. I like a decaying log am also slowly withering away. And at least a decaying log is beneficial to other living things. The decaying log is part of a whole ecosystem. I’m just decomposing and going into copious amounts of debt. The decaying log, a dead organism, is better a life than I am.
Decaying logs are also inherently non-combative which already lets their maturity wildly surpass my own. They don’t write passive-aggressive (that are largely just aggressive) responses to online surveys put out by their college’s student body. They also don’t heavily imply that they are Jewish at Choir Christmas Parties in order to raise awareness of the fun trivia fact that there are more religions than just Christianity!
Going into further depth of how my own combativeness contrasts to a decaying log:
How a decaying log would answer the question: Do you consider bisexuality to be a real sexuality?
It wouldn’t, because it doesn’t surf the web and proceed to answer survey question.
How I would answer the question: Do you believe bisexuality to be a real sexuality?
“Sexuality is not limited to a single source. If you can find more than a single person attractive, why couldn 't you find more than one gender? Also the question in general is interesting* because it implies that someone who doesn 't identify as bisexual could actually understand bisexuali...

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...ave it’s been a long time). I bought myself a plane ticket and now I get to spend four days over my J-term with her which will easily be in the top ten things to happen to me in 2016, I’m sure.
Ending with a story since storytelling is a natural talent of mine: I was recently talking with people from high school, and we were using a question generator type thing (read: a truth or dare app using only the truth portion). We all just answered the questions though, rather than the typical truth or dare fashion. Anyway the question, “who would write the worst blog” came up and both of them pointed at me which I found hysterical. Apparently my blog writing abilities would compare to those of a decaying log, which makes sense since decaying logs are better at everything else than I am, so why not this too.
Anyway, if I find any decaying log blogs I’ll send them your way.

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