Debt Will Have A Hard Time Achieving Happiness Essay

Debt Will Have A Hard Time Achieving Happiness Essay

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A person in debt will have a hard time achieving happiness because they have many things to worry about. An individual that is financially stable can easily achieve happiness because they don 't have to worry about not having enough money. They will be able to afford what they need and have some money left over for whatever they please. Everyone dreams of being financially stable and being able to get themselves all the material items they would want because on the other hand when someone does not have money they usually end up stressed out. Once someone is financially stable, they are able to attain anything they desire which would lead them to true happiness.
Most people dream of being financially stable. That is why so many young adults try college out. It might not work out for everyone but in order to make a good living nowadays, good enough job is needed. In order to get a good enough job a good education is usually asked for. Being financially stable, to most people, means being able to meet a budget and also being able to put money into a saving and/ or retirement account on a monthly basis. Financial stability could be seen as a state of mind because it applies differently to everyone. Everybody has a different set of needs and wants. The area where one is located could also affect how stable they can be with their income or lack of.
A homeless person is not perceived as being happy by most people. This might not be fully true or true at all but it is more than likely that they would want and need a roof over their head to be happy or happier. In the United States an average of $188,900 is needed to have a home. If someone is not financially stable they will not be able to afford this. A homeless person most likely doe...

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...s. If all necessities are met and a person still has money left over they gain the option to either save it in a savings account and help themselves out in the future or spend it in q luxury and help themselves out in the present. Buying this is proven to provide happiness. That happiness might not last long if instead of being well off enough to afford it, the person got themselves into debt but nonetheless it makes people happy to buy things.
People in debt can have a harder time being happy because they have so much to worry about. People that are financially stable, meaning that they have access to all the necessities and maybe a few luxuries, can definitely find it easier to truly achieve happiness. Having enough money to spend on non- necessities means that retail therapy is afforded. It is physiologically proven that shopping can actually make a person happy.

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