The Debt Of The American Civil War Essay

The Debt Of The American Civil War Essay

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Debt started in the united states when it was just a colony fighting its way out the cage of oppression and control from the british in war. this war put the colonies soon to be united states in a massive debt from france and other countries and areas who support the underdog taking their independence. this debt from all around was another problem this debt was the first and not last the states will have to pay only this first one will be almost paid just before the civil war. alexander hamilton helped with the debt which was $75,463,476.52 but the state 's only get into debts because of war the american civil war did not help put the debt down a notch. that civil war put the debt into the a billion this made it most hard to pay the debt by the twentieth century this debt was roughly around $22 billion dollars.

by the point around world war 2 the debt was 51 billion but at the end of the war it then was 260 billion this keeps growing and growing and hindering the states more and more to the point they can 't keep this in control. it was reaching the rate of inflation and by the cold war it was lowering but by 2008 it was in its trillions to be exact 10.3 trillion and growing. today the treasurer hosts auctions for debts and gets around 8 trillion even today the government tries to pay these debts off. also can make debts to fund the government and help with operations. money is a big issue here the lost of money auctions for debt and the government struggling to pay it most of the debt is still needed to pay and most of it still hasn 't been paid in around 50 years or so.

in 2012 the general government gross debt was $16.3 trillion this is a big issue by now 2015 soon to be 2016 it is more then that and so on till the debt...

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...ay with massive spending and death destruction defense and manufacturing the debt was at its prime for years to come. today the debt sits at its throne as the largest debt in the world and sits on its throne with no worry that the US will pay it off and stay on its throne for many years to come. to the unlikely event that the people would say the debt is wiped clean that won 't ever happen what 's being owed is in the trillions no one would wipe it clean this is fact that no one has the power to pay it off or wipe it clean. back in the 1900’s if there was war if there wasn 't any disasters or dictators if that happened maybe the war torned century the debt could be payed off or maybe people might be indebted to the US. the fact of the matter is the debt grew in the 1900’s to a height never seen before and lead to its current state in the trillions and growing still.

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