Deborah Tannen 's Marked Woman, Unmarked Men Essay

Deborah Tannen 's Marked Woman, Unmarked Men Essay

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In Deborah Tannen’s “Marked Woman, Unmarked Men” she illustrates how she believes the way women carry themselves are more looked upon then the way a man does. When it comes to women they had to take what they look like into consideration and each decision that the woman has made, carried a meaning. Men have to make decisions as well, however their decisions are not as notable as woman. I support Tannen’s argument about women being marked. Woman are marked by what they wear to who they marry. Nonetheless, I do believe both genders are marked in some kind of way. Men are marked, just not to the extent as woman are. And when they are marked it is not as open and discussed. When Tannen did include men into her argument she made her observation gravitate towards a certain type of men instead of making a generalized perception.

Deborah Tannen gives some well put reasons on why women are marked. One in which she talks about the surnames of women. Women have three titles to choose from: Miss., Ms., or Mrs. While men have a standard surname of Mr. With this observation we can end at saying women are marked and the men are not. I had examined this observation and asked myself why does a women’s relationship status matter? Why do they have three titles and not just a basic Ms. like men have Mr.? The only good for knowing a women’s relationship status on a form is for verification reasons. I feel that knowing a women’s relationship status should not be defined in her surname but rather an upfront question, if it is really necessary. Tannen also brings up that when women get married, traditionally they take the last name of their husbands. Having your husband’s last name is considered marked because it is a noticeable change o...

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...ay could have been generalized more instead of picking at specific ideas that concluded to woman being marked.

Nowadays it’s unjustifiable that woman are the only ones out of the two genders to be marked. The society that we live in now, no one is exempt from being judged, labeled or marked. It is one of those lose-lose situation. Men may be judged less than women, however the two genders are still being judged. They are still will be labeled regardless if they want to be or not. From 1993 to today this short essay’s relevance has gradually decrease. There were some well written examples to back up Deborah Tannen’s claims of women being marked, but they weren’t relevant enough to have more of a meaning then just an opinion. There are still some social inequality between genders being marked and unmarked, but has been pushing forward to receive its equal status.

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