The Debate Surrounding The Constitution Essay

The Debate Surrounding The Constitution Essay

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When examining the Constitution you will see that it is very vague, omitting specific details and in some aspects remaining indecisive. The writers of the Constitution left it vague to make it long lasting because it could be applied to so many different situations. The origin of debates surrounding the interpretation of the Constitution began with the Federalist vs. Antifederalist debate, Hamilton vs. Jefferson. The controversies and debates surrounding the Constitution in those days are still apparent in American politics today. It’s necessary to examine the origins of this debate so we can understand its lasting impact both historically, and in the modern day. The Constitution has allowed for an enduring political debate because it can be unclear, and it’s been enabled by the visions of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton which have remained in American politics to this day.
The origins of the enduring political debate surrounding the Constitution can be traced back to the debate surrounding Hamilton and Jefferson and their visions regarding America’s future. The debate can be overly simplified to whether or not the federal government should have more or less power. The Federalist interpretation of the Constitution centers around the idea that as long as the Constitution doesn’t prohibit the federal government from doing something, they can do it. The Antifederalist debate takes the opposite stance, saying that the federal government can only do things the Constitution explicitly allows it to do. Article 1 of the Constitution states that “The Congress shall have Power ... To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution i...

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...for years to come. If Jefferson and Hamilton were alive today, we have a good idea of what policies they would support and oppose because America continues to struggle with some of the same problems it did 200 years ago. The visions of Hamilton and Jefferson will continue to guide us into the future, and their debate over strict and loose interpretation may never be legally resolved. These two men were crucial in the foundation of our political system which is why their effects not just on American politics but politics across the globe will never disappear. Thomas Jefferson supported overhauling the Constitution every 19 years so that the troubles of past generations will not shackle the next generation. The United States has embraced both the Industrialization envisioned by Madison and the role of an agriculturally exporting powerhouse, as envisioned by Jefferson.

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