Debate Regarding Higher Pays Vs. Passion Essay

Debate Regarding Higher Pays Vs. Passion Essay

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In a recent conversation with a friend we started to discuss majors because apparently this issue does not necessarily end upon entering college infact, it becomes overwhelming during the first two-years of college with so many options distracting you and not to forget your inner passion stirs you in a whole different direction, which is why I believe those who are passionate about a career either in the business sector, the medical field and other well paid careers are truly blessed it’s like buy one get one free because there is no doubt that in a changing economy these fields are estimated to grow steadily, not only will they finds jobs and high salaries but will also have satisfaction. However, it 's not always that simple and which is why most people might have to alter their priorities,with time we realize that this world is not all rainbows and reality is plain harsh. The debate regarding higher pays vs. passion is a long tangible one, the two sides realists and idealists continue to argue their beliefs as if trying to impose one over the other, though, the difference seems to lie in perspective. The viewpoint through which we asses the world changes drastically by exposure to real world issues. Hardships and poverty instruct us to hold on to money in life while society advises us to hold on to our passions and money will follow. Now how true is this implication, as I look back it has proved to be the opposite of reality. These statements only provide a sense of motivation in words, and that is to say applied in real-life they will push you over.

Though, the debate is far from conclusion more and more people are leaning towards the practical side of this debate, there may be many factors contributing to this change, lik...

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... determiner of your potentials and your abilities can always be improved upon. Over time I have become very fond of the saying “follow your heart but take your brain with you” it implies to every situation in life and ideally to this contradicting decision of whether to settle for a high pay job or stick to your passion making it profitable one day. Though, don’t be discouraged if people expect you to perform your passion for free after all, passions are mostly hobbies that bring us some sort of pleasure, while some of us might gifted a high degree of talent, patience, and luck to make us the next iconic person. Afterall dreams do come true as long as they are worked on everyday, it is not about “go big or go home” little steps taken towards your dream are often more successful than single approaches and consistency is the key to unlocking both happiness and wealth.

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