The Debate Over Vaccinations for Adults and Children Essay

The Debate Over Vaccinations for Adults and Children Essay

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A very controversial issue these days is whether or not to receive immunizations. I am a young mother and I tend to follow my mothers and doctors’ advice when it comes to mine and my children’s health, I feel as though my doctor has the best advice on how I can keep us all happy and healthy, however this is not the case for everyone. Many questions have arisen about immunizations and there are quite a few people who are either hesitant to or will not have themselves and their children immunized.
I am a person who believes that children and adults should be immunized, by not receiving vaccinations it is possible to be putting the public at risk for more diseases. It should not matter what the parents’ philosophical or religious views are. In my opinion vaccinations for all children and adults should be mandatory. Without vaccinations it is possible that we would keep infecting each other with different diseases, which any of these could cause many fatalities and a very unhealthy nation.
The first thing about vaccinations that needs to be understood is that vaccines are given in order to develop immunity from diseases. Yes it is true; when children get sick their immune system develops antibodies which will help them from developing the same disease again. But I ask you, why would you want to risk letting your child get sick? Anyone that has ever had a sick child knows that not only is this one of the worst things to deal with it is also an awful feeling to know that there is not much that you can do to help them. If I were a parent that chose not to immunize my child then my child got sick with that disease I would feel like the worst person in the world.
Vaccines are made with the bacteria or viruses that cause the disease. It is ...

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...who has developed a possibly fatal disease? Obviously we all know the answer to that question. Why risk your own life and your child’s life if unnecessary? Seems ridiculous doesn’t it?

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