The Debate Over Vaccination School Age Children Essay

The Debate Over Vaccination School Age Children Essay

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Many parents have questioned if they should vaccinate their children. There have been so many negative comments on this topic and no clear answers. By the end of this paper, parents should have a clear understanding of why they should vaccinate their children. This paper explores one article that explains the reasons why this topic is necessary and important. This study was done in Atlanta, Georgia in September 2007. The article wanted to see the advantages and disadvantages of vaccinating children. The article mentioned that the “vaccine was safe and effective for children aged 6 months through 18 years and that evidence suggested that vaccination school-age children would provide benefits to both the vaccinated children and their unvaccinated household and community contact” (Anthony E. Fiore). This article supported the idea of children being vaccinated.

There are many reasons why parents are confused on the issue with vaccinating their children. Some may have religious or philosophical beliefs that conflict with vaccination. Or some have heard many awful rumors of children being affected by this. Based on there are five important reasons to vaccinate your child. Which are immunizations can save your child’s life, vaccination is very safe and effective, immunization protects others you care about, immunizations can save your family time and money, and immunization protects future generations. There have been so many advances in medical science that there is not enough room for any mistakes. Children can be protected against more diseases than ever before. Polio is a great example of the huge impact vaccines has had in the United States. This disease was once America’s most- feared diseas...

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...ortant vaccinating children is and why they wanted to recommend for annual influenza vaccination to school-age children in the United States. This article was meant to make sure every child in America is safe from any diseases. This vaccine was not meant to hurt or to kill anyone. New vaccines are developing in order for people to live a long and healthy life. Parents should take advantage of this and provide their child with this best health care they can. Many countries do not have the resources, knowledge, or money to provide their people with vaccines.
It was proven that children older than six months should get vaccinated because it was safe and effective. However, “Expansion of recommendations to include all school-age children will require additional development of an infrastructure to support implementation and methods to adequately evaluate impact (Fiore).

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