Essay on The Debate Over Pay Equality

Essay on The Debate Over Pay Equality

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Despite the recent debate over pay equality, the question simply boils down to: do women deserve to make significantly less than men do? Growing up in an educationally disadvantaged community I had always held the view that women didn’t hold management positions, however since enrolled in college my views have significantly changed. Many traditional cultures, including America, teach that men should lead in families, business, and government, however does that still hold true today? Women take on all these responsibilities throughout our nation and should not be denied equal pay or opportunities for work equivalent and in certain cases superior to men. Although numerous lawmakers today neglect the need for workplace equality, America requires additional laws to secure the fairness of women’s pay, ensure more promotion opportunities, and prevent workplace discrimination.
Growing up in a geographically rural town where a high school degree was primarily the highest level of education the majority locals would receive I had always thought that college was too far fetch for somebody like myself. However, after attending college for a few semesters I came to the realization that there are various opportunities for women to hold high positions, and while writing a research essay in college, I began to learn about all of the opportunities available to me. Throughout my research I have learned countless shocking statistics concerning the gender inequality in the workforce and the pay gap that is very noticeably apparent. Applying my knowledge of this subject to my life has sparked a desire in me to pursue a position that is typically viewed as a man’s job. While these positions are not easily achieved, I am willing to put in twice the eff...

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...degrade their own reputation by placing workplace equality as a low priority.
Women remain in need for extra laws that will protect their pay, safeguard equal promotions and prevent discrimination. Women’s pay needs to be protected and equalized simply due to the fact that they deserve to be treated alike to men. Additionally, we need laws to ensure we will not be harassed and a justice system that will defend us in the case of this occurring. We need to protect our workplace equality now, and secure that it will be protected for our daughters in the future. If we proceed to let inequality slide by and view it as an insignificant issue we will continue to make it harder to enforce the law. Generations after us need to be guaranteed that they will be paid, and promoted equally and not have to suffer the consequences of workplace discrimination based on their gender.

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