The Debate Over Health Care Policy Essay

The Debate Over Health Care Policy Essay

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The purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare” was enacted with goals of increasing the quality of healthcare for all American citizens. With lowering the uninsured rate for individuals an expansion of public and private insurance coverage was instilled (Jacobs, 2014). This law requires insurance companies to cover individuals through exchanges that ultimately increase coverage and affordability. No applicant can be denied which means all Americans will have coverage of some type or another. The reduction of costs and improvement of healthcare outcomes means quality over quantity through increased competition with regulations, and incentives (Jacobs, 2014).
Recently on June 2012, the United States Supreme Court passed a law for individualized mandates of congressional taxing power for the ACA (Obama Care Facts, 2013). The United States Supreme court surrendered noting that participants are not forced to participate with ACA and Medicaid expansion under certain penalties for fear of losing current Medicaid funding. Since this expansion, the law continues to face implementation challenges from congress in forms of court hearings, governmental debates, and lashing out by conservatory advocacy groups (Obama Care Facts, 2013).
Affordable Care Act Values
Contrary to popular claims about Obama care being compassionate about American citizens, this new health care debate is anything but pleasing. Perhaps penalizing working individuals and encouraging dependence on the government is what Obama care is thriving for. In past reports Obama care is seen putting down the acts of marriage, placing citizens of this status at a disadvantage according to Postolowshi, & Newcomer (2013). Essentially non-citizens along with ...

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