Essay on The Debate Over Football Match Fixing

Essay on The Debate Over Football Match Fixing

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Match fixing is a huge issue recently appearing in football. It happened earlier in history but is, threating too corrupt the game in current times. If match fixing becomes more popular as it is now, it will ruin the integrity of one of the biggest sports in the world. Match Fixing in football threatens to corrupt one of the greatest sport in the world.
Match fixing has effected the respect and integrity of the game of football for years. Match fixing has been happening for years, but recently it has become a bigger issue. In older times, this has happened only occasionally. The first known offense of Match fixing was in 1915. English players from both sides met to discuss fixing the match because they thought it would be a great way to make a quick buck during the First World War. There was a shortage of money and this caused the players to make bets on the game they were going to play in. The players who were not involved in this scandal were infuriated with their teammates. They threatened not to join them on the pitch in the second half. The players involved were of course suspended. One of the most infamous match fixers in history is the 1960s Inter Milan coach Dezso Solti. He was known for fixing various matches in the 1964 and 1965 European Cups, as well as countless games against Italian teams in the Italian league. The method he used to fix a game was to have a referee join him at a hotel and as said by Miguel Delaney “lay out bundles of cash and maybe the keys to expensive cars, and make a few implications” (1). These implications could determine whether important calls were made or not.
To make improvements in football, ridding the game of match fixing is the best option. Match fixing isn’t getting better, it is o...

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