The Debate Over Cloning : Never Let Me Go Essay

The Debate Over Cloning : Never Let Me Go Essay

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A recent controversial topic that was discussed in class is the process of cloning. The novel Never Let Me Go is a literary work displaying cloning in England during the 1990’s. The clones are raised and nurtured until they are completely matured. After maturation, they are used for organ donations that are used for “normal” non-clone human beings. The outcomes from cloning taps into the morality and ethicality of human existence. Numerous questions are raised about the outcomes from cloning and some of the answers contradict the morals that humans have concerning what is means to live as a human being. “Cloning refers to asexual reproduction, reproduction without fertilization” (Harris 2). Due to recent advancements in cloning technologies, the foreign process of cloning human beings does not sound like science fiction but a glimpse into the reality of the future. Cloning does not only threaten humans’ previous way of classifying life but leaps into the realm of ethicality. While some may say that cloning human beings is unethical, the counter argument poses the benefits of cloning go way past the argued ethics of human existence. Even though there are benefits, the ethics of making an entire new human being from another one is unethical but some small scale cloning appears to meet ethical “guidelines” and provide benefits toward medicinal practice.
With the year now being 2016 and science technologies being more advanced than ever before, the human race can only keep obtaining more knowledge and grow better as a society. While there are global issues such as global warming, life expectancy, and world hunger, the well-being of the human race has continued to get better as the Earth spins round. The process of cloning has now em...

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...ard medicinal practice and does not threaten making a whole new human being. Reproductive cloning is ethically wrong and should be avoided at all costs even if society comes to desperate measures. However, therapeutic cloning delivers medicinal benefits that can save lives and increase medical knowledge to a whole new level. Even though therapeutic cloning comes at the cost of an embryo, the benefits that it reaps are hard to argue against. If there comes a day where cloning can be done without the cost of an embryo or the threat of creating a brand new human being from one person alone, life expectancy will jump through the roof and then society will have a brand new set of ethically issues to deal with. Until that day comes, cloning should be handled with extreme caution but approached enthusiastically because we never know when a scientific anomaly could occur.

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